The Bosque Pledge

Almost 50% of this year's 6th-grade class selected our guaranteed tuition program. Could it be right for your family, too?

Bosque School was the first independent school in Albuquerque to offer four years of guaranteed tuition to all 6th-grade and 9th-grade students. This innovative program, The Bosque Pledge, offers families the same tuition payment for 48 months, providing certainty and financial peace of mind. 

The Bosque Pledge Program has the following benefits:
  • Same affordable monthly payment through 9th-grade or 12th-grade.
  • No yearly re-application for financial aid*
  • Not subject to annual tuition increases
  • Inclusive payment structure that covers the yearly tuition deposit and tuition protection plan
Interested in learning more about The Bosque Pledge? Please contact Ryan Hannon to schedule a time to discuss affordability at Bosque.

*Families will have to submit updated tax documents and W2s to verify continued eligibility.