Student Life


Challenging Involvement

Middle and high school are times of self-discovery. In addition to academic pursuits, the Bosque community atmosphere challenges students to be impassioned and enthusiastic participants and leaders. Students are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone, take risks and be a part of something new or different. There are no limits to the number of clubs or activities one student can be involved in at Bosque. Students are encouraged to try a new instrument, lead a service learning group, volunteer with Horizons Albuquerque, check out Model UN or even Model UN in Spanish, enter discussions about diversity and equity during monthly coffee house meetings, build a robot, compete in a new sport, climb a wall, or be a member of the Guardians of the Library. Take leadership and scholarship to the next level in one of the many honor societies and clubs offered at Bosque. This balanced approach to education allows students to enhance old passions, but always be open to new discoveries and growth through participation.