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Bosque School
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Health & Wellness

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At Bosque School, we recognize that supporting our students’ holistic well-being is integral to their personal growth and achievement. Our licensed medical and mental health teams ensure that students’ physical, emotional, psychological, and social health and wellness needs are well met.

Bosque School’s Medical Team 

Bosque School’s medical team includes:

  1. A full-time licensed and registered nurse who provides full-time nursing care to students, staffulty, and visitors on campus.

  2. Our licensed Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) student first responders who work under the direction of our school nurse.

  3. Our sports medicine team, which includes our licensed athletic trainer who supports student-athletes outside of school hours (with the support of our student sports-medicine aides).

  4. The medical direction of the University of New Mexico’s Emergency Medicine Department.

Utilizing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, our medical team provides acute and emergency care, assesses behavioral health concerns, connects students and families with community resources, and creates care and accommodation plans for students with medical conditions. 

With the assistance of MRC students, our nurse provides professional development and training for staffulty on topics such as asthma, life-threatening allergies, blood-borne pathogens, and CPR and AED use. The school nurse and MRC students also provide wellness education to students through our signature WILLDS program, including topics such as nutrition, sleep, and sexual health.

As a core member of our student support team, our school nurse also promotes health and wellness, minimizes learning gaps due to medical illnesses and accommodations, and creates a healthy, supportive environment where students can thrive.

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Quotes from a parent: 

As her parents, we cannot thank you enough for your unwavering support, help, and encouragement. You have made all the difference in helping our student regain her health and happiness. Your kindness and compassion have been invaluable in her journey towards recovery. We could not have done this without you!

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Bosque School’s Mental Health Team

Bosque School employs two full-time licensed counselors who strive to help all students reach their utmost potential in academics and social-emotional growth through a comprehensive school counseling program. Our counseling program includes individual, family, and group counseling, along with restorative conversations. 

Our counselors provide (and partner with external professionals to support) professional development for staffulty on topics such as trauma-based practices, mental health awareness and student support, suicide awareness and interventions, grief education and support, and mandatory reporting. They also provide wellness education to students through our signature WILLDS program with a curriculum focused on understanding brain development and behavior, social-emotional learning, emotional regulation skills, and suicide awareness and prevention.

As core members of our student support team, our counselors work to promote mental health and wellness, minimize gaps in learning due to mental health illnesses and accommodations, and create a healthy, supportive environment where students can thrive.