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Student Support

students talking with counselor

At Bosque School, we seek to comprehensively support our students as whole people. We recognize that academic excellence manifests when individuals feel safe, seen, heard, and valued. This is where our Student Support Team (SST) comes in.

students talking

Made up of our health and wellness team (including our licensed school nurse and counselors) and our learning specialist, the Student Support Team works in direct partnership with the middle school and upper school division heads and the deans to identify, discuss, and strategize supports for students demonstrating academic or non-academic needs (this could include medical and mental health accommodations, when appropriate). The Student Support Team’s goal is to proactively and thoughtfully collaborate with students, families, teachers, advisors, coaches, tutors, etc. to ensure student needs are met effectively and efficiently. The student support team also ensures effective communication with families and members of the student’s academic team. The support team will also make referrals to external providers should additional services or support be required.