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Bosque School
Bosque School

Cultivating Community

Students and teachers walk through Sanchez Park

Ask any Bosque School student, alumni, teacher, parent, or guardian what they most love about the school, and you will hear “the strength of the community” over and over again. Research shows that students learn best from those they know and trust. At Bosque School, your child and your family will be warmly welcomed into our close-knit community.

Students join for a club fair in the quad

Cultivating Community

At Bosque School, we take our core value of cultivating community very seriously, and we know that community doesn’t happen by default — but rather through very intentional design. We start each day in our middle school and high school with “Morning Meetings.” This time provides us with the dedicated space to connect before classes begin for the day, to share important news, build school spirit, and discuss important and relevant current events or happenings. 

We start each year with grade-level retreats that help orient our students to their new teachers, new students, new routines, and new expectations. Through the fall and spring, we provide dedicated time for our students to connect with their teachers and peers through adventure, service, and exploration. From the sixth-grade takeover to the senior retreat featuring white-water rafting, hiking, and reflection in Taos, our students have abundant opportunities to strengthen and reaffirm their bonds with their classmates. Additionally, we foster a sense of community at both the divisional and school-wide levels. This includes bi-annual spirit weeks, the spirited "sticker tag" competition, the annual "Blue Steel" volleyball game where the entire school rallies behind either the juniors or seniors and our school-wide Halloween costume parade. We are dedicated to nurturing a shared sense of community, from our newest sixth graders to our graduating seniors.

I really value the level of trust between the students and the teachers at Bosque School. There is just an infectious sense of community and caring for one another at Bosque.
Bosque School 10th-grade student


I love morning meetings. It really sets the mood for my day, whether it’s the encouraging teacher announcements or the comical students’ jokes. It’s a great feeling to be able to sit with a group who is like my second family, day in and day out.
Bosque School 11th-grade student

Students collaborate on a math problem.
Students pose for a photo in Sanchez Park
Students paint the side of shipping container.
Students work near the pond during WILLDS.
A teacher works with a students in class.
Students work on a Drama Tech project.

Alumni Connections

Once our students graduate, they become members of our 1000+ strong alumni body. We continue cultivating the alumni community through alumni athletic events, dedicated alumni spaces at our community-wide events like Fall Fiesta, the annual alumni holiday party, class reunions, and through our Alumni Council. We also provide meaningful opportunities throughout the year for alumni to connect with current students through the college panel, mentorship opportunities, immersive courses, and guest lectures. Once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat!


A Strong Parent & Guardian Community

We’re also proud to have such significant and meaningful engagement with our Bosque School parents and guardians. Research shows how significant family involvement is in children’s academic, social, and mental well-being. Our Bosque Parent and Guardian Association (BPGA) hosts multiple events throughout the school year to connect the adult community. As a school, we host our beloved annual events, including Fall Fiesta, It Takes A Village Day, and Founder’s Days. These exciting events bring together siblings, friends, family members, alumni, staffulty, and students for powerful moments of connection, celebration, and fun! 

I love how engaging this community is. Walking in every day and seeing my friends and teachers is something I love.
Bosque School 11th-grade student

Community Engagement

Bosque School has a deep commitment to community engagement, and we seek opportunities to extend the richness of our students’ academic experiences through meaningful and sustained community relationships. We partner with industry experts and community leaders who work alongside our teachers to deepen learning opportunities for our students. Our robust service learning program encourages our students to develop their sense of civic understanding and social responsibility, builds character and self-efficacy, creates pathways for the practical application of learning, and helps students meaningfully collaborate with and contribute to the health and vitality of our city and state. 

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Bosque School also has a long history of collaborating with and supporting community-based non-profits, including the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Project (BEMP), Horizons Albuquerque, and the Sofia Center for Professional Development. Bosque is proud to have held a significant role in the formation, leadership, and ongoing support of these very established and impactful nonprofits and in our ongoing efforts to share our expertise and impact with community members beyond our school.

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I felt at home in the Bosque School community on my first buddy day here.
Bosque School 10th grade student