Going Bald for Bucks!

When Felix '23 and Julia '23 began studying how different tools in economics can be used for good, they got an idea that would eventually turn into something quite amazing! 

Last year in Mrs. Moore's Economics class, the students did a small fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees. Knowing this, Felix specifically proposed they do the fundraiser again and agreed to shave his head if they could more than double the previous year's contribution. The goal was set at $2,000; amazingly, the students surpassed this number by $3,187.25! 

With his aunt Selena's help, Felix held his end of the deal and shaved his head. His hair was donated to Locks of Love, and the money the students raised was donated to HIAS. HIAS' mission is as follows:
This organization is an international Jewish Humanitarian Organization that operates in 16 countries across the Americas, Africa, and Eurasia. They support refugees in four critical ways so their rights are upheld and they are able to rebuild their lives with dignity. The four needs are: Legal services, preventing gender-based violence, community mental health, and economic inclusion.

What is wonderful about this fundraiser and grassroots efforts is that it was completely student-initiated. The objective of the course is for students to learn about the tools of economics so that they can understand the public discourse around them. My hope is that they see the field of economics as a tool to fix problems in society. The students demonstrated true understanding of the course by applying the skills they learned to move money for a cause that they were passionate about...They just asked me to support them and help create hype. My Economics students helped with the guerrilla marketing and promotion of the idea," said Ms. Moore 

Congratulations to Felix, Julia, and the whole Econ class for making a difference while learning!