Family Spotlight: The Hazens

"She’s being challenged at a pace she can grow with, and she’s being encouraged to examine life without boundaries." — Chad Hazen
At Bosque School, we have the most amazing families! This month, we are excited to highlight the Hazens who have been members of our community since their daughter joined us as a 6th grader in 2021. Recently, the Hazens took some time took some time to tell us how Bosque School is helping their daughter grow and thrive.

Why did you choose Bosque School for your child?
“There was an energy and a vibrance about Bosque that really resonated with us, and Audrey selected the school, too, meaning we chose it because we thought it was the best place for her to flourish and grow, and she chose it as well, she was drawn to it. When we compared our answers, it was an easy selection.”

What do you love most about the school?
“It’s the inclusion, the acceptance, the community. Bosque has an energy about it that allows every kid to flourish where he or she is in their life. There’s not a template that only allows a few students to succeed.”

What one word best describes Bosque School? 
“Inclusive. We get the feeling from the communications and just by watching kids and staffulty that all comers are welcome. There’s a welcomeness about Bosque that differentiates it from the rest.”

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a student because of their experiences at Bosque School?
“There is an abundance of opportunity. She has grown and flourished in L.E.A.D., she has grown and flourished in drama, and she has grown and flourished in athletics; these are all things she never had experience with. In the science field, she’s really in her element. There’s an array of opportunities, whether in academics or the performing arts, or social development. Audrey sought out Dr. Bone and other adults to help her understand her world as it changes, and that’s been a real growing point for her. There isn't a big barrier between staffulty and students.” 

How do you believe Bosque School is preparing your child for college and life?
“Bosque School encourages boundary-free thinking. She's not being railroaded into math or science or drama or anything else — it’s how you incorporate your thinking into what you’re passionate about and how you can have influence. I think that because of the way the curriculum is integrated — there's an overlap between the social sciences and the hard sciences and English, and they’re integrating history into those lessons — it encourages her to think without boundaries. Her brain isn’t being stuffed into a pedagogy from post-industrial revolution education, she’s encouraged to explore her interests and how she can impact social justice, and she’s being prepared for college through academic support and rigor. She’s being challenged at a pace she can grow with, and she’s being encouraged to examine life without boundaries.”

What would you tell another family who is considering Bosque School as an option for their child?
“I’d tell them we love it. It's a great fit for our daughter because encouragement is valued over competition.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
“We love Bosque School and the Bosque School community.”