Staffulty Highlight: Tammy Aurelio

Tammy began working at Bosque School in 2022 and loves learning something new about the students and community each day! She is in the center of the middle school building and truly enjoys the relationships that she has already built with students and staffulty.

When not at Bosque School, Tammy enjoys playing with her pups, spending time outside, and listening to music.

What is your favorite weekend activity?
"Yard sale-ing with my Mom, hanging out with my dogs and my sister."

If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be and why?
"I would like to have dinner with the Buddha because I find all spiritual teachings fascinating and would love to sit down with them and take in all the knowledge and grace they would have to offer.  Love, joy, beauty!"

What do you love about being a member of the Bosque School community?
"It is such a joy to be part of something great! I especially enjoy interacting with and assisting the kiddos and staffulty. The community is so amazing. Best job move I have ever made!"

Do you have any pets?
"Petey, Maddie, and Max — our pups."

What inspires you in life?
"Nature, wildlife, and great music!"

Could you tell us about a teacher you had who meant a lot to you?
"Mr. Campbell — my 5th-grade teacher. He was by far the most fun and forward-thinking teacher I have ever had. He made learning exciting, interesting, and enriching!"

What is your favorite book?
"The Clan of the Cave Bear."

What would you tell a family who is considering Bosque School?
"The feeling of community, family, and joy helps create a better learning environment."  

What is your motto in life?
"Be kind, loving, and generous."

Do you have a funny or moving anecdote about Bosque School that you'd like to share?
"One of the middle school students said, 'I like you, but I am scared of old ladies. They always yell at me.' Does that mean I am really old? Another student said, 'Thank you so much, Tammy, for starting my Wednesday mornings with your smile and excellent hair advice. I promise to come and visit you whenever I can.'"