Bosque School's Mock Trial Teams Enjoy Competing

After several months of study, practice, and team preparation, Bosque School upper school students participated in the Gene Franchini High School Mock Trial Qualifier at the Bernalillo County Courthouse in Albuquerque on February 17-18. This statewide competition, named in honor of former New Mexico Attorney General Gene Franchini and organized by the New Mexico Center for Civic Values, provides students the opportunity to compete in a simulated trial setting, taking on the roles of attorneys, witnesses, and other participants in a hypothetical legal case. 

The qualifying competition included 35 teams from around the state, and our Bosque School students were honored to receive several awards: Emmy ‘26 qualified for the state competition as a courtroom artist, Hazel ‘25 won an outstanding witness award, and along with the rest of her team (Ochs ‘23, Felix ‘23, Isa ‘23, Sophia ‘23, Ariella ‘24 and Kayhaan ‘25), qualified to compete in state competition next month at Metro Court!  

For the first time ever, Bosque School middle school students were also thrilled to participate in mock trial. The inaugural New Mexico Middle School Mock Trial Simulation took place last November, and 13 of our middle school students journeyed to Metro Court to try their hand at the competition. Middle schoolers were given a modified version of the high school case and took the case to trial against 15 other middle schools from around the state. In both competitions, all students must be ready to act as both the prosecution and defense for any given round. 

Mock trial is designed to help students develop their critical thinking, public speaking, and analytical skills, as well as to learn about the legal system and how trials are conducted. Participation in the competition is a valuable experience for students who are interested in pursuing careers in law, but it can also benefit students who are interested in public speaking, debate, or critical thinking. It provides a unique opportunity for students to learn about the legal system and the important role it plays in society while also developing important skills that will benefit them in any career they choose to pursue.

We are so proud of all of our Bosque School mock trial students, and we wish the Bosque School Sage team good luck at the state competition!