Welcome Back MRC Alums

Bosque School alums include many EMTs, paramedics, nurses, doctors, and other allied health professionals who can trace the beginning of their medical careers right back to Bosque School’s MRC program. Recently, several of our alums have returned to Bosque School to provide continuing education to our current MRC students.

What better way for tomorrow’s health professionals to learn than by hearing about the medical field directly from alums who have traveled the same road? As practicing medical providers, the alums have real-world knowledge and experience they can share with our current MRC members as they help them meet their continuing education requirements.
We truly appreciate the following Bosque School alums who have already volunteered to share their knowledge and expertise with our MRC team: Natalie Dees, EMT-P; Max Giblin, RN; Danielle Rivera, MD; and Jaren Trost, MD.
If you are a medical professional who is also an alum, parent, or guardian and you’re interested in teaching hands-on, engaging continuing medical education sessions to our current MRC students, please contact dan.shaw@bosqueschool.org.