Fall Athletics Wrap-Up

Middle School Boys and Girls Cross Country
Varsity and C team boys: 4th place
Varsity girls: 2nd place Runner-Up APIAL Champions

It was delightful to watch our harriers encourage each other and push themselves to improve. Everyone seemed to always be smiling and laughing and worked so hard to get a personal record (PR), which everyone did! It was a lovely season due to the amazing camaraderie and mutual esteem. Thank you to all our families and friends who came out to cheer!

Individual personal record highlights: 
June ‘29 improved same course time from 16:01 to 13:31
Audrey ‘28 improved her time at the same course from 10:09 to 9:39
Jack ‘27 improved same course from 14:21 to 13:35 
Isaiah ‘27 improved same course from 15:40 to 14:15

Middle School Fall Golf

This fall, the kids worked primarily on the range, learning how to play the game in preparation for spring golf tournaments. While on the range, the players learned how to hit their irons and woods. They also learned more about the swing and the importance of the short game in chipping and putting.  
We are proud to say that the kids worked very hard this past year, and their dedication to the game and learning was quite impressive. We look forward to seeing everyone back in the spring and hope to have a fun, strong finish to the 2022-2023 golf season.  

Middle School Co-Ed Soccer
Record 8-1-1, 2nd Place Runner-Up APIAL Champions

Our second-place outcome was super-disappointing to us. But the next morning, we woke up full of pride and respect for our extraordinary team. We had an amazing season, full of victory, high-level soccer, and hard work. One of the many things that make soccer unique is that it's such a beautiful game, and even at the very highest levels, teams are praised for the beauty of their play, even separate from wins and losses.  

We not only spent the regular season undefeated, but we also beat a very dangerous rival in the semifinals. We also played a very beautiful, fun version of the game all season long. Even during the championship game, there were moments when the coaches looked at each other and said, "Wow, that was really nicely done."  Perhaps the thing best-liked about this team is that every single player contributed to our success. Our subs liked to joke about being "on the bench," but in fact, each and every member of this team had important moments that contributed to a victory. Thank you for such a memorable season filled with team spirit and friendship.

Middle School Flag Football
The Middle School Flag Football team finished their season undefeated with eleven wins and a thrilling 19-18 victory in the APIAL championship.

Middle School Boys and Girls Tennis
Record 5-0, 1st place USTA Champions

We had a phenomenal season with a record number of 26 tennis players coming out to play. It was thrilling to watch all the players grow self-confidence in a sport and improve their skills over the duration of the season. Many took leaps and bounds from where they started as beginners, and some made small improvements that helped them gain confidence going into the next season. We finished strong and learned how to compete. 

One of our key games was beating Sandia Prep which showed us that it was possible to be in the hunt for a top seed at the championship tournament. Kudos to our award winners: Josie ‘29 for having the best attitude, Theo ‘28 for being the hardest worker, Liam ‘29 and Marco ‘29 for being the most improved, and Iris ‘29 for being the most dedicated. Our USTA championship team consisted of Luca ‘27, Theo, Keller ‘29, Iris, Jorge ‘28, and Eddie ‘28. The final matches came down to the wire with all singles-play tied—so it was up to our doubles teams. Luca and Theo had a thriller match which they won. Eddie and Jorge also had a close match but lost at break point, which kept us in a tie. It was up to Keller and Iris in the last doubles match, and they did it—sealing the USTA championship for the Bobcats! It was such a fun season, and the future of Bosque tennis looks bright.

Middle School Girls Volleyball

Team 1: Record 9-1, 1st place APIAL Champions
Our team came out wanting to learn and win, and win is what we did—crushing the regular season by taking second place in the APIAL. We were victorious in the championship final with a major upset to the tournament's number one seed. We worked hard all season, and we made major strides. Having so much support from all the families made this a season to cherish.

Team 2: Record 7-3, 1st place APIAL Champions
This season has been so special for everyone. Thank you to our families for the amazing support. We started off strong, winning our first game with mainly just serves. By the end of the season, each player had grown tremendously. We were able to play together as a team, showing a variety of new skills. With each loss came more challenging work where we learned from our mistakes. It was incredible to see the progress after each game, whether we won or lost. The pure joy everyone felt when we finally started working together and winning our last several games was tremendous. The best thing about our season is that we learned about teamwork and adversity, life skills that will go way beyond the volleyball court!

Team 3: Record 6-4, 1st place APIAL Champions
We grew so much during the season. We lost the first four matches, and the girls could barely serve a ball over the net. Once we started winning, we didn’t stop! We won our last six matches in a row. I’m almost glad we lost the first match because it made us focus and grow together as a team. A major highlight was when we were down in the semifinal match against Annunciation, 13-20 and 19-23. We were getting frustrated, but we found it in us to come back and win 28-26 to send us to the championship game! Thank you to all our supporters who cheered us on whether we were winning or losing. That meant a lot to the girls who worked hard all season.

Upper School Boys and Girls Cross Country
Boys: 5th place in the district
Girls: 2nd place in the district, 7th place in the state

We were a mighty team possessing great and impressive strength who worked hard with our focus on individual development, team building, and fun. We volunteered at three local races, had a goal-setting workshop with running with confidence expert Andrea McArdle, and had pre-race team dinners before every meet. It was a fantastic season where everyone was supportive of each other. All-District First Team co-captains Gwen ‘23 and Eliot ‘24 were phenomenal leaders who promoted friendship and enthusiasm. Thank you for making this season truly memorable.

Gwen said, “This was an incredible season because our coaches put in so much time to individualize our training, both physically and mentally. They really made the team stronger. I'll never forget our team dinners the day before races and the fun conversations we got to have while running through our beautiful bosque. The friendships I've made will last long beyond graduation. Thank you to all my teammates for making this season so special.”

Upper School Fall Golf
This fall, the kids worked primarily on the range, learning how to play the game in preparation for spring golf tournaments. While on the range, the players learned how to hit their irons and woods. They also learned more about the swing, as well as the importance of the short game in chipping and putting.  
After a few weeks of practice, the upper school played their first high school tournament to learn more about what to expect in high school golf, etiquette, and the faster pace of play. Adam ‘24 and Aiden ‘24 did particularly well and, most importantly, had fun.  
We are proud to say that the kids worked very hard this past year. Their dedication to the game and learning was quite impressive. We look forward to seeing everyone back in the spring and hope to have a fun, strong finish to the 2022-2023 golf season.  
Aiden said, “It was cool to feel so supported as a new member of the team. Coach Dave is one of the best pro golf coaches in the state, and I’ve learned a lot. I feel pretty confident that I and the team will be able to compete in the spring season after such good fall preparation.”

Upper School Mountain Biking
We had an incredible inaugural season with fourteen riders and three races. Our team captains Elijah ‘23 and Julia ‘23 did an exceptional job as leaders and role models. There was notable improvement across the board, and we were fortunate to have riders who also participated in many other sports and activities, including soccer, cross-country, theater, and music. This made our team multi-faceted with a lot of support. We represented Bosque well with our amazing efforts at these big NICA racing events, and we look forward to building upon this initial success.

Julia said, “It was fantastic to have a mountain biking team at Bosque for my senior year! I’m really grateful for all the work our coaches, Matt and Kim, put into making this team happen and making our season so much fun. I wish we’d gotten one sooner, but I’m happy for all the younger students who will keep getting to mountain bike at Bosque!”

Upper School Boys Soccer
Record: 8-12-1,
District: 4th place 

Our best game was in district play. It was our second meeting with Sandia Prep. We lost 0-1, but we outplayed them and could have won the game had we been able to capitalize on our scoring chances. Sandia Prep went on to win state. This game showed everyone we should have been state cup contenders this year. However, we were not able to pull out the wins when we needed them.

The boys had a great season, despite our record. In my humble opinion, they are the hardest-working group of boys in the state. Our team had several injuries this year that negatively affected the team and contributed to our overall record. However, the team bounced back from the injuries and played some beautiful football. Our substitutes were more than eager to step up and play their best when needed and asked. All the players worked hard at every practice and played with great cognition, competence, and character. We also had a wonderful team manager this year, Betty Lou ‘23. She attended almost every practice and game and was instrumental in motivating the boys when they needed it the most. We absolutely appreciated the incredible Bobcat Nation support, especially at Senior Night. Thank you for being there for us. We felt the love!

Marshall ‘23 said, “It was a really fun season, and I’m happy that for my senior year, we had the incredible team we had. I was super close with my fellow seniors, and the team meant so much to me. When I graduate, this is the team I will look back on and smile.”

Upper School Girls Soccer
Record: 17-5
District: 2nd Place
State: 2nd place, Runner-Up State Champions

Initially, there were reservations about how well we would do this year based on last year's record and losing our starting goalie and leading scorer from the previous year. We started and finished with sixteen wonderful players, four brand new to the program. We were able to play all sixteen girls throughout the year, in the interest of building a program and not just a season. 
What a wonderful season it was! We finished second in the district, received the number two seed in state and finished second in the state championship, which came down to the last few minutes. We also had the highest-rated win of any 3A team in state when we beat 5A semifinalist Santa Fe High School. We also improved by ten wins over the previous year and received thanks from Navajo Prep for recognizing their seniors at our senior game and thanks from Sandia Prep for our amazing team sportsmanship during the championship game. We have to thank all our fans who came out in droves to support us, cheering with pride! Bosque Nation did rise!
Alison ‘23 says, “I have been so grateful to be a part of the girls soccer program for the past four years. This past year especially, we have grown so much as soccer players, as a team, and as a community. I am so proud of everyone for all we have accomplished and getting to the state finals!  It’s been amazing to see all the effort each player has put into improving as an individual and helping to contribute to our team's success.”
Upper School Girls Volleyball
Record: 18-10
District: 2nd Place
State: 3rd Place

We had a fantastic turnout of about 40 girls, the most we’ve ever had. Our younger teams continue to improve with the C team going 4-7 and JV going 10-6. JV wrapped up the season with a super win over rival Sandia Prep.
With eight amazing seniors, experience was something we had plenty of at the varsity level. We easily won all the matches we were expected to but fell short in some big key matches early. Falling to Robertson (returning state champion), Hot Springs (3rd in 3A), and Academy (4A state qualifier) left us at 3 and 3, but we continued to improve. The next speed bump was two-time state champions Laguna Acoma. 
We took the lessons learned in all these games and began focusing practice on always staying aware of the opponents' possible intentions. This lesson helped us into midseason, where we met Santa Fe Indian (4th ranked in 3A). They taught us to always return quickly to defense. The rest of the season went well except for falling twice to rival Sandia Prep and thus taking 2nd in District.
All of this prepared us well for the state tournament. We upset third-ranked Hot Springs and fourth-ranked Indian School. We ended up thrid in the State, only taking losses to the two teams in the finals. All in all a tremendous season for the Bobcats, and we appreciated the incredible fan support!

Teagan ‘23 said, “The four years I have spent playing volleyball at Bosque have been so beneficial for me. I have deepened so many relationships that will last me a lifetime. Those memories and friendships helped me through more than I could imagine. Volleyball has provided me with so much that will carry on after I graduate. I loved playing with all of my friends, and I am grateful for all of the opportunities I was given.”

Written by Bosque School Athletic Director Jeaney Garcia