Staffulty Highlight: Alaura Nellos

Alaura Nellos is an 8th-grade art and upper school ceramics teacher and has been with Bosque School since 2004. She earned a master’s degree in art education and a bachelor’s degree in art with an emphasis in visual art and psychology. In addition to being a teacher, artist and sculptor, Alaura enjoys practicing yoga, being with her family, growing food, keeping bees, traveling, and feeding the birds at her cabin in northern New Mexico.

What is your favorite weekend activity? 
“Gardening and sharing meals with family.”

If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be and why? 
“So many come to mind. Georgia O’Keeffe, to cook in her rustic kitchen, she was famed to be a great cook.”

What do you love about being a member of the Bosque School community? 
“It is the most beautiful place to come to work, and our community has a creative and growth mindset.” 

Do you have any pets? 
“Yes, Okie is a large dog with a lab head and heart with a Weimaraner body, always ready to run and play.” 

What inspires you in life? 
“Life! My loved ones, nature, the intricate beauty of all life inspires me in moments and in my artwork. The young people I work with are a source of constant hope and inspiration.” 

Tell us about a teacher you had who meant a lot to you. 
“Mrs. Frye taught me English and creative writing, and she joyfully encouraged me to illustrate my poetry and doodle in class, which is where I started drawing people.” 

What is your favorite book? 
“There is not one but many, but if I had to pick, it would be Prodigal Summer and everything Barbara Kingsolver writes.” 

What would you tell a family who is considering Bosque School? 
“I’ve experienced this place as a teacher, parent, and administrator, and after all these years— going on 18—I still wake up happy to come to school to learn and share what I know. We are not perfect, but we are willing to learn from our mistakes and support the growth of all the humans in this community.” 

What is your motto in life? 
“Do my best, whatever that is today.” 

Do you have a funny or moving anecdote about Bosque School that you'd like to share?
“Every once in awhile a student will write me a card that says they don’t know what they would’ve done without my listening and talking with them. This is so motivating to keep on trying to have a positive impact on young people’s lives in the same way that teachers like Mrs. Frye had on mine.” 

Is there anything you'd like to share about yourself? 
“I’m super grateful for the vision the parent founders had to make the arts equally significant as other subjects. Creativity is why we are all here, and making things is a humanistic act that we should always make time for, especially together. It grows our humanity.”