Staffulty Highlight: Samantha Williams

Middle School Math and Science Teacher 
Samantha Williams started teaching at Bosque School in 2022 and teaches 8th-grade science and algebra. An alum of Bosque School, Samantha found her passion for science through her own experiences with hands-on learning. She holds a master's degree in natural science and bachelor's degree in biology, with a concentration in secondary education, from Louisiana State University. Samantha is thrilled to return to Bosque School and happy to be back with her Bobcat family!

What is your favorite weekend activity? 
“Training for and competing in West Coast Swing competitions across the country.”

Tell us about a teacher you had who meant a lot to you. 
“Our very own T.J. Middleton. He gave me a love and passion for math that I carry with me to this day. He also helped to teach me that there is no one right way to approach a math problem, and all it takes is courage to try something new.” 

What would you tell a family who is considering Bosque School? 
“Bosque School is a place where your child is loved and cared for as a whole and individual person and not just a student. Over the seven years at Bosque, your child will be pushed to challenge their own ideas and grow into a wonderful, caring person who is ready to think critically about the world around them.”  

What is your motto in life? 
“If nothing else, you will grow.”