First WILLDS Guest Speaker

This fall, the WILLDS Department welcomed their first guest speaker of the year: Arjun Singh Sethi, a Sikh American community activist, civil rights lawyer, law professor, and writer. 

Professor Sethi spent the afternoon with our 10th-grade class sharing several powerful stories from his book, American Hate: Survivors Speak Out—stories of both pain and resilience from immigrants, people of color, and people of minority faiths in the U.S. He also talked about what it was like for him to travel around the country hearing people's stories, and his process of putting together the book. 

After hearing Professor Sethi's talk, many students were eager to read the stories he collected. Those students were able to take home a free copy of the book, which Professor Sethi and Max Murphy from United World Colleges gifted to Bosque School.

Julia Kingsdale, our equity, community, and culture educator, said that the WILLDS Department made the decision to bring Mr. Sethi in to speak to students because of the meaningful connections between the professor’s research on identity-based hate in the U.S., and the work our 10th graders are doing in their WILLDS curriculum to understand how identity shapes our experiences (both good and bad), and how it impacts the ways in which we understand and treat one another.

“The WILLDS department is eager to bring in more guest speakers who can share unique perspectives that expand students' knowledge of identity, wellness, leadership, and life skills,” said Ms. Kingsdale. We look forward to seeing what is to come!