Introducing Sports Medicine

We have an exciting new club here at Bosque School—Sports Medicine Aides! Led by Bosque School’s athletic trainer, Emilio Ulibarri, and student leaders, Beliza ‘23 and Sofia ‘23, the sports medicine club currently has 19 members and is open to all upper school students. 
Under the close supervision of Mr. Ulibarri, students in the club provide healthcare to all of Bosque School’s athletic teams. They are also learning basic first aid skills, taping skills, injury evaluation skills, treatment of injury skills, and injury rehabilitation skills. In addition to working with the athletes, sports medicine students will participate in a variety of workshops during their bi-weekly meetings, and in order to help keep our student-athletes stay as injury-free as possible, sports medicine students will also educate the athletes on proper hydration, nutrition, and warm-up.
Sports Medicine Aides is more than just a club—students have the opportunity to earn PE credits by working with the Bosque School athletic teams after school. There may also be some opportunities for the students to train at off-campus events like games or playoffs, but the majority of the training will take place on the Bosque School campus. “They will have an opportunity to travel with me and the teams… to provide care for the student-athletes,” says Mr. Ulibarri. “Every day will be field-based learning for the aides. There are always games and practices going on at Bosque that I must attend to provide care, and where I go, they will also go and learn some on-field skills that they can use for the future.” 
Mr. Ulibarri is uniquely well qualified to lead Sports Medicine Aides. He has a bachelor’s degree in athletic training, has provided healthcare to college and high school teams, worked with Kirtland Air Force Base’s Special Warfare Training Squadron for Pararescue & Combat Rescue, and is a board certified and licensed healthcare professional. With all of this experience, Mr. Ulibarri knows exactly what it takes to work as a healthcare provider, and he hopes the club will give his students the opportunity to explore the field of sports medicine and help them determine whether or not a career in sports medicine is something they would like to pursue. He says, “I want students to see whether a future career in healthcare is for them or maybe not for them. This is a good way to gauge this by working with me, working with patients, and seeing what it is like being a healthcare provider.”
Sports Medicine Aides meets every other week on Thursday at 2:30 pm in the Pitre Room. If you are interested in learning more about the club, contact Emilio Ulibarri.