Rowan '24: VEX Robotics Champion

This past spring, Rowan ‘24 traveled to Dallas, Texas, to compete in the VEX Robotics Worlds Championship—and his results were stellar.

Rowan qualified three times for the world championship after being named both the Tournament Champion and Skills Challenge Champion, and earning the Excellence Award earlier in the year at the New Mexico State Championship.  

After previously competing in VEX Robotics through Bosque School, Rowan has independently competed for four years. For three of those four years, he has qualified for the World Championship with an interruption during the pandemic, when he did not participate in the competition.  

This year, only about 1,000 teams from 50 countries were invited to Worlds of the 20,000 teams who initially entered the competition. Rowan was one of the very few individuals selected to represent the United States during the Parade of Nations, which showcased a few young engineers from those countries. 

While most of the competing teams have more than five members, Rowan was one of very few individuals at Worlds who competed solo. Facing the competition alone, Rowan had to build, program, and drive his robot by himself. He ended the qualifying round of the tournament ranking 17th overall against all teams and 4th in his division. In addition to this, he is the highest ranking single-person team in the world.  

Congratulations to Rowan!


If any of our Bosque Bobcats are interested in VEX Robotics, stop by the robotics club when they meet after school on Tuesday afternoon in the Schoolhouse.