Preparing for the Year Ahead

Bosque School staffulty spent the second week in August preparing for the launch of the new school year by participating in professional development centered around collective learning, connection, and conversation. The week was filled with interactive meetings which provided time for small-group discussion, essential team planning, and whole-group vision and inspiration. 
The week began with an all-staffulty scavenger hunt. Breaking into groups, teams were tasked with completing fun, Bosque School-themed challenges, like canoeing across the pond, reciting a Bosque Bobcat cheer, taking a selfie with one of Ann Dunbar’s many campus mosaics, and much more.  
Over the following two days, staffulty engaged in professional development tied to our equity, community, and culture principles. We worked with Peacemakers Consulting’s allyship and cultural humility training experts, Tonya Covington and Aron DiBacco, as they led our staffulty through identity exercises, affinity group discussions, and inherent bias activities. They also guided our staffulty through steps on how to become effective anti-racist allies. This essential work is part of our ongoing efforts to disrupt systems of oppression that exist on our campus and throughout society. 
The professional development days were supplemented with additional training, like refreshing crisis management skills through a school safety session led by Dr. Barrie and our Albuquerque Police Department liaison. Our faculty also engaged in planning sessions for the school year through grade-level and immersives-focused meetings.
After an intensive week of preparation and training, the staffulty was treated to a well-deserved Menchie’s frozen yogurt celebration!