Former Bosque School Golf Team Member Accepted to Elite Golf Academy

A Dream Come True
When Bosque Bobcat Angelo '26 first started as a junior golfer with the Notah Begay III Foundation at the age of six, he and his family never imagined where it would lead him. Now, at just 14-years-old, Angelo is headed off to the ACHIEVE Golf Academy at the prestigious Golf Performance Center in Ridgefield, Connecticut. With an impressive $90,000 a year in scholarships, Angelo will spend the next four years as an elite student athlete—training, competing, and finishing high school. 

Hard Work, Determination, and Practice, Practice, Practice
Angelo first became interested in golf by watching his father and uncle on the golf course. In fact, it was Angelo’s uncle who first told the Martinez family about the Notah Begay III Foundation (NB3) when he suggested Angelo attend the NB3 summer camp. “We signed him up, and it’s been golf ever since,” said Angelo’s mom, Raelene Martinez. 

It was clear from the beginning that Angelo had a special talent for golf, but it’s his dedication to the sport over the course of many years that really makes him stand out. Mrs. Martinez said, “He’s easy to be proud of, and he’s worked really hard. His work ethic has been unbelievable to watch since he was a little guy. He would say in the summer, ‘Take me to the golf course,’ and we would be there for hours and hours.” 

And those hours and hours of practice have really paid off—Angelo is currently one of the best junior golfers in New Mexico. As an 8th-grader, he represented Bosque School on the boys varsity golf team and placed fourth in the state for the 2022-23 school year—all while keeping up his grades in school and continuing to train with NB3 as well. 

For Angelo, the reward for all his efforts is not just in the accolades and awards, but rather in playing the game of golf itself. When asked what excites him most about attending the golf academy, he said, “Seeing everybody else’s game, comparing it to mine, and seeing what I’ve got to work on…Knowing what I need to do to get better and be the best that I possibly can be.” 

Success Rooted in Academic Excellence 
Angelo’s parents never anticipated that they’d be sending him away to boarding school in the 9th grade. “I thought that I had four more years to prepare myself to send him off to school…It all happened so fast,” said Mrs. Martinez. Although it was hard to wrap their heads around the idea at first, the decision to have Angelo attend a boarding school across the country was made easier by the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Martinez are confident Angelo already has a solid academic foundation and the life-skills necessary to be successful on his own. 

“Angelo has really flourished here at Bosque,” said Mrs. Martinez. “That’s part of the reason I feel comfortable enough to send him to a school where there’s much more golf involved than education…We’ve gotten feedback from the teachers (at ACHIEVE), and they’ve been blown away by his writing skills and the overall education he’s had thus far.”

For the Martinez family, education has always been a top priority, and they’ve made many sacrifices throughout the years to ensure their children are given exceptional opportunities. “The idea of academics has always been super important to us,” Mr. Martinez explained. “Bosque is the best of the best, and it’s honestly the only reason Angelo has this opportunity. If we knew academically he wasn’t prepared to go…there’s no way we could have made that decision.”

A Different Approach, Exceptional Results
At ACHIEVE, school will look a little different for Angelo. Soon, he will pack up and move to Connecticut, where he will live on campus in the dorms with other students from all over the world. Not only will these students pursue a rigorous training program and compete in regular golf competitions, but they will also continue to attend academic classes as they work toward high school graduation. 

The school offers a flexible, individualized approach to education that promotes a careful balance between golf and academics. ACHIEVE uses an online curriculum that maximizes a student’s ability to train, travel, and still receive a top-quality education. And, just like our teachers and staffulty here at Bosque School, the educators and coaches at ACHIEVE are committed to providing a holistic program that ensures their student-athletes have the necessary life-skills to succeed academically, excel in their individual passions, and take on whatever challenges life brings them.

A Boundless Adventure
One of the most exciting things about Angelo’s new school is that he will get to meet so many new people from so many different places. “Golf is a global sport,” said Mr. Martinez. “There are people at this school that attend from all over the world…Spain, New Zealand, South Africa, and so many other places. They’re from all over the world chasing the dream of playing professional golf.” 

With at least 10 out-of-state tournaments a year, Angelo will also have the opportunity to travel—a lot—and his family is planning to join him on many of those trips. They hope that even though Angelo is living far away from home, they will still be able to see him often. Mr. Martinez said, “It seems to be just like college. Angelo will come home during the holiday breaks, and we’ll be able to go see him, too.” 

Once he graduates from high school, Angelo plans to attend college where he will play collegiate golf and continue training at an elite level. His parents are deeply aware that attending ACHIEVE Golf Academy will be a life-altering experience for Angelo, and they are excited to see how this adventure changes him. “Nobody can predict the future,” Mrs. Martinez said. “But the opportunity is there, and he can do with it what he wants. Not many people are given that opportunity, and I think he understands that.” 

Once a Bobcat, Always a Bobcat
It goes without saying that Angelo will be greatly missed at Bosque School, but—along with his family and friends—we can’t wait to see where his journey takes him. “As a parent, it’s such a proud moment,” said Mr. Martinez. “We are a part of so many communities, including Bosque, and they are all a piece of this. It really does take a village, and it’s awesome that we can share this with everyone.” 

“Bosque has been like a family to us, and that’s part of the reason we were drawn to Bosque,” Mrs. Martinez said. “When we came here to visit, it was family oriented and people were very welcoming to us. Angelo has really enjoyed his time here, and if for any reason it doesn’t work out at his new school, we wouldn’t want him to be anywhere else but here.”

All of us here at Bosque School couldn’t agree more. We are honored to be counted as part of Angelo’s community— and no matter how far he goes, we’ll always be proud to call Angelo a Bobcat!
    • Angelo with his family

    • Angelo and Lauren Buffett '22 with their state medals