Campus Road Safety Updates

The campus road safety updates that we shared in April are now a reality! When you come to campus next, you will notice the following enhancements:
  1. Bosque School Road off of Coors is now a one-way entrance into the heart of campus. The north gate at Mirandela Road and Bosque School Road is the only exit on campus besides the north parking lot entry/exit.
  2. We added additional parking spaces along Bosque School Road. Parking at large, on-campus events just got a little easier with clearly defined spaces along the road.
  3. The sidewalk is extended to the west of the gym, providing a complete and safe pathway for pedestrians traveling along Bosque School Road to the Mirandela Road gate.
  4. We installed a crosswalk from the north end of Bosque School Road across Mirandela Road to provide safer pedestrian crossings to the Andalucia shopping center. 
View a map of the updated traffic flow. As you can see on the map, these changes will not impact student drop-off or pick-up locations. As we return for the 2022–23 school year, our facilities team will be on hand to help orient our community to the changes and point everyone in the right direction.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Director of Facilities
Bruce Stell.