2022 Senior Thesis & Colloquium

Congratulations are in order for the class of 2022 who recently presented their completed senior thesis projects at Bosque School’s annual Colloquium. These impressive projects were the result of months of work during which the students compiled individual research on subjects about which they have a particular interest or passion. The seniors began exploring ideas for their thesis projects in August. By September, their initially broad areas of interest had been narrowed into viable research questions. By mid-fall, they had made formal project proposals, selected outside readers, and were well into their research. In December, students completed an eight-plus page preliminary essay.

Throughout the spring, students wrote full-length drafts, participated in individual conferences with their teachers and outside readers, conducted fieldwork, and completed formal defenses of their work. They turned in their final papers in April, and many of the students submitted final drafts that well exceeded the twenty-page requirement. 

At Colloquium on April 20 and 21, the students shared their projects with the Bosque School community,  and the results of their efforts were truly impressive. Based on their extraordinary theses, it is evident that the class of 2022 is filled with intelligent, insightful, and passionate students. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!

View the programs from each night to see the topics presented: April 20 and April 21.