Exploring College Campuses

If you follow the Bosque School college counseling department on Instagram, perhaps you've noticed some recent postings from Bosque School college counselors on campuses throughout the country. College sponsored counselor tours have recently been reinstated by many colleges in light of easing COVID-19 restrictions nationwide, and Bosque's college counselors are taking full advantage. Each year our college counseling office receives multiple invitations to participate in college sponsored tours. Sometimes the invitations come from individual universities while other times, the invites are from a consortium of partner schools who collaborate to organize a tour of several nearby college campuses. 

This was the case for Mark Giesmann's most recent tour of five schools in the Pacific Northwest. Known as the "Northwest 5.” Reed College, Whitman College, Lewis & Clark College, Willamette University, and the University of Puget Sound all offer a five-day tour each year to a select group of 30 college counselors from across the nation. Each school spends approximately one day highlighting their unique institution. In addition to touring the campus, counselors have the opportunity to meet with current students, professors, and admission representatives at each school. 

Receiving an invitation to a college tour is highly coveted and Bosque School is extremely fortunate to be a school that is consistently included on the guest lists. Mr. Giesmann has been a college counselor for twenty years and has visited nearly 200 campuses during that time, and he feels that participating in such tours is an invaluable part of his role in advising students and families about the right college fit. He says, "No amount of research can replace the intangible feeling one gets when exploring a college in person.” 

Just as Mr. Giesmann finds touring campuses important, he strongly encourages his students to visit campuses as well. Many students are scheduling tours far and wide during spring break. Mr. Giesmann wants to remind you that you don't have to travel the globe to participate in a campus tour. Within an hour, Bosque families can visit St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico Tech in Socorro, or UNM right here in Albuquerque. Don't forget that the UNM Honors College offers its own tours. If your family has some travel planned, and you think you might have room in your schedule for a campus visit or two, Mr. Giesmann invites you to reach out so that he can offer some suggestions. To keep updated on all things college related, especially campus tours, be sure to follow Bosque's college counseling office’s Instagram account (@bosquecollegecounseling).