Modelo Naciones Unidas

On Wednesday, March 2, over 120 students from eight different schools around New Mexico assembled at the National Hispanic Cultural Center to participate in the 13th Annual Spanish Model United Nations Conference. The conference provides a unique opportunity for students learning Spanish to establish meaningful connections with other schools while developing powerful life skills like public speaking, debate strategies, negotiation, and expository writing—todo en español
Twenty of our own Bosque School students took part in this year’s conference:
  • Ella ‘22
  • Lauren A. ‘22
  • Hawthorn ‘22
  • Luc ‘22
  • Anelé ‘22
  • Katia ‘22
  • Elena ‘22
  • Anna ‘22
  • Emliano ‘22
  • Devi ‘22
  • Lauren ‘22
  • Rayne ‘22
  • Davis ‘22
  • Katelyn ‘22
  • Paolo ‘22
  • Josie ‘22
  • Jasper ‘22
  • Constance ‘22
  • Lena ‘24
  • Eliot ‘24
We also had several Spanish-speaking staffulty members who helped moderate: Maria Clara Rekow, Cascade Lineback, Denise Gleason, Rafael Martínez de León, Andrés Armijo, and Anne Gegg.
During the conference, student committees worked arduously for more than three hours debating, negotiating, and writing resolutions on different topics ranging from the refugee crisis, the invasion of Ukraine, and the impact of global crises on mental health.
Señora Rekow expressed, “They did an amazing job preparing for and participating in the conference. The students worked really hard on not only researching their own countries, but the three topics that were going to be debated during the conference.” She added, “They also practiced various techniques to be better equipped for the different kinds of debate during the conference. They were instrumental in creating strong resolutions in their own committees.”
Their hard work and preparation paid off. This year, Bosque School received three awards for Best Delegate. They went to Ella ‘22 representing Afghanistan, Rayne ‘22 representing Cuba, and Emiliano ‘22 representing China. 
“I have so much respect and admiration for all these 20 wonderful students who poured their hearts and souls into this conference,” Señora Rekow shared. “They all showed perseverance and a willingness to explore uncharted territories.”
¡Buen trabajo, Bobcats!