Winter Olympics at Bosque School

While many of us have been watching the Winter Olympics from home, our Bosque School middle school students have been participating in their own version of the “Winter Olympics” right here at school. PE teachers Sheila Grijalva and Kate Sanchez created some Olympic-inspired games to get the students moving in some fun and creative ways this past week. “It is so inspiring to watch the outstanding athletes in the Winter Olympics,” Ms. Sanchez said. “Although students aren’t able to compete at the Olympic level, they are able to enjoy challenging themselves and trying some new activities.”

Ms. Sanchez and Ms. Grijalva had to get pretty creative when they were designing their “Olympic” curriculum. They made eight different event stations that simulated what it might be like to compete in snow or on ice. Students competed in freestyle ice dancing, plank curling, luge, freestyle ski jump, slalom smackdown, and the Nordic combined event which included the skate and shoot and the slalom ski long jump. Students wrapped their feet in felt to help them skate across the floor, they competed in the luge event by doing loops around the gym on scooters, they even formed their own bobsleds with four interlocking scooters and navigated their way through a course. Each group of students was given a scorecard that explained how each station was scored. Some stations were scored by the amount of laps completed or distance attained, and some were even judged on creativity.

The Bosque School “Winter Olympics” provided an excellent opportunity for students to experience sports in new and nontraditional ways. “Our goal for physical education is to help students recognize that movement helps them be their best selves. This can come from learning skills to playing organized games, going for a walk, or just doing some fun challenges,” said Ms. Sanchez. “I think students recognized this was a fun way to both challenge themselves and get their heart rate up!”

Students were excited to participate in all the events, but there were definitely a couple of crowd favorites. Ms. Sanchez observed, “Students seemed to really enjoy the freestyle ice dance and the bobsled. When we finished the activity, we asked if anyone had increased their heart rate. ‘Yes’ they yelled, and many said they were sweating. Students said they had a lot of fun!”