And the Results Are In!

As reported in a previous edition of the Bosque Buzz, 32 Bosque School students in grades 7-12 participated in round one of the annual UNM-PNM Statewide Math Contest. 

Students tackled this three-hour contest on their own time during the last weekend of October. This very challenging exam consists of 10 questions each year and getting only two or three correct is considered outstanding. Successful participants must demonstrate cleverness and extreme persistence. Only top students around the state are invited to the second round. This year, 10 Bosque School students scored well enough in round one to be invited to participate in round two at the University of New Mexico on Saturday, February 5! 

These students are Liliana ‘27, Julius ‘26, Josh ‘26, Clara ‘25, Simon ‘25, Sam ‘24, Felix ‘23, Alex ‘23, Imani ‘23, and Aldo ‘22. Congratulations to these exceptional Bosque School students!