Stories Along the Bosque

Over the past four weeks, the 7th graders engaged in an interdisciplinary journey through their family history in both English and Social Studies as they created Stories Along the Bosque. From picking a family artifact to investigate to considering which version of a family tale to tell, each student created their own story by conducting family interviews, completing background research, brainstorming, writing, asking for peer feedback, and working on revision. The result was a museum-style exhibition where students, teachers, and members of the Bosque School community were able to walk through, read the stories, view the artifacts, and ask questions of the student authors. 

Some of the projects included family heirlooms such as flags commemorating a life of service, menorahs, clocks, and a spiritual healing necklace made out of seeds called a Botanica. In addition to sharing the artifacts, students got very creative as they wrote many fascinating stories about their families. Malakai, who wrote about his grandfather who played his saxophone in a traveling orchestra, chose to write in the first person from the perspective of the saxophone! Another student even told the story of his ancestor who worked on a rescue ship salvaging the Titanic. Michael, who wrote about and researched his grandfather's watch, reflected in his memoir, "Time is like a bag of Doritos. It will run out eventually, quicker than you think."

The 7th graders really enjoyed the opportunity to research and write their stories, but they had even more fun sharing those stories with the Bosque School community. Riah, who shared the Botanica and the story behind it, said, “Getting to talk to all of the parents was cool because it helped us to publicly speak to people we don’t know.” Elise also enjoyed the opportunity to share her story with her peers and their parents. She said, “I really liked the interaction with people and telling them our stories.”