Sixth-Grade Asia Inquiry Project

Students in Ms. Jenkins’ and Ms. Pedrick’s classes showed off their 6th-grade inquiry projects this week!

Each year, the 6th-grade class does a deep-dive into a subject they would like to better understand by conducting several weeks of research and study on their topic of choice, culminating in a final project that they present to their classmates and teachers. 

This year, students were asked to research an aspect of Asian culture that interests them and to present their findings in an exciting and engaging way. These aspects spanned cuisine, performance, history, art, music, fashion, architecture, sports, and more. In preparation for the inquiry project, the students read Inside Out & Back Again in their English class that told the story of a family who immigrated to the US from Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The book served as a foundation for learning about Vietnamese food and culture, and the historical context of the Vietnam war. In social studies, they studied Gandhi and completed a project about Asian countries.