Bobcats Attend Student Leadership Institute

Eight Bosque Bobcats attended The 13th Annual Student Leadership Institute (SLI) on Friday, November 12 as part of La Cosecha Dual Language Conference. 

The mission of SLI is to support linguistically and culturally diverse youth to: embrace language, culture, and history as a source of power and responsibility; embrace their power and responsibility as an invitation to lead; and embrace their invitation to lead as an incentive to build partnerships with each other as a means of preparing themselves for a future of advocacy and the use of power for the betterment of our diverse communities.

“The entire event was bilingual, and it was really awesome to start hearing and using my Spanish skills in the real world,” said Bosque School participant, Maya ‘26.

This year, SLI challenged students to reflect and work together to define the work they commit to doing. Students attended workshop sessions and reflected on ways to affect positive change in their communities. Our Bosque School students participated in two breakout sessions, met with mentors, and discussed issues that they’ve noticed around campus.

“The Leadership Institute was a really great opportunity for us all to be able to start making connections with important people and begin to really understand what it means to be a strong leader,” Maya expressed. “The message that I took away was that leadership comes in many different forms. Whether through writing, art, music, or really anything else, there is always a way to lead in your own unique style.” 

“A highlight for me was being able to connect with so many mentors, presenters, and students,” said Mariana ‘26. “It was so much fun to be able to gather as a big community and share our thoughts and opinions.”

Mateo ‘26 added, “I had a blast with my friends and a highlight of the day was standing in front of everybody telling them about how there should be more art on campus. My group and I had fun talking and working on things that we would like to see. I would encourage everyone if they are given the opportunity to definitely take it.”