World Religion Panel

On Thursday, November 4, the entire 8th-grade class had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion with representatives from five faith-based communities as part of the 8th graders’ study of world religions in their humanities classes. Faith leaders and representatives engaged with our students either in person or via Zoom, and the students were able to learn more about Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam by hearing how adherents practiced their faith traditions in their daily lives. 

During the discussion, the  8th-graders were also provided the chance to ask the panel of participants questions that the students had thoughtfully developed in their social studies classes, where they had already begun studying the beliefs of the major faiths. This allowed students to ask specific questions that arose from their investigations, and the students were impressed with how much the panel spoke to the commonalities of their traditions, focusing on similarities rather than simply the differences in beliefs.

We are grateful to our panel of guests—Rabbi Shai Belooseski, Imam Eldenawi, Dr. Spree MacDonald (Bosque School parent), Dr. Aamna Nayyar, Pastor Kristin Schultz (Bosque School parent), and Mr. Sam Subbaswamy—for their willingness to share their faith with us and for their very thoughtful and enlightening contributions to the discussion.