November=Math Contest Month

Two important math contests have taken place this month. 

Bosque School students in both middle and upper school competed in two extremely competitive math contests this month. The first was the UNM-PNM Statewide Math Contest that took place over the weekend of October 30 to November 1. Students have up to 3 hours to work on 10 extremely challenging math problems.

Math teacher TJ Middleton shared, “I love this contest. It aligns perfectly with our approach here at Bosque School of deep problem-solving that includes dedicated persistence with challenging tasks.” He continued, “It’s not about just tricks and shortcuts; it’s about trial and error, asking the right questions, and exploring math in a variety of ways.”

This year, 32 Bosque School students from 7th to 12th grade gave up some of their weekend to tackle this competition. Results should come out in early December, and we will find out which students scored well enough to be invited to the second round of competition in February.

Our students also participated this month in the American Mathematics Competition which traditionally takes place in February, but this year was moved to November 10. Again giving up their own free time, 36 Bosque students took part in this competition before school on a Wednesday. This included two middle school students who took on this incredible challenge. Affectionately called “the national math exam,” it is the most well-known and prestigious math contest in the nation and also has a lot of international participation. Focusing a bit more on tricks and shortcuts, this contest asks students to complete 25 multiple-choice questions in only 75 minutes. Results of the competition will be available in January, and students who scored highly enough on the first test will proceed to the second round of competition.

“It was truly surprising and gratifying to see so many students compete in these contests considering that students had to give up time outside of school hours to do them,” said Mr. Middleton. “That really speaks to the passion our students have for math!”