The Impact of Gratitude

Valery Galanter, Director of Philanthropy
I can easily say that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Here in New Mexico, it’s sweater weather without being uncomfortably cold, a table filled with delicious comfort food, and a day spent cooking, laughing, and sharing with family. The Thanksgiving table is also an opportunity to stop, reflect, and give thanks. The mid-meal routine of sharing for what you are thankful can sometimes be met with eye-rolls and groans, but often ends with smiles, a few happy tears (is Mom still prepping onions?), fond memories, and contented sighs. In fact, research has shown time and time again that the practice of gratitude can improve general well-being, increase resilience, strengthen social relationships, and reduce stress and depression. So while I may be thinking on the surface that gravy and pie are the reasons for my love of this holiday, it’s truly the action of being grateful that brings me joy. 

Practicing gratitude is not just about saying “thank you,” but taking the time to notice the goodness in the world, pausing to celebrate success, and acknowledging something meaningful. In the spirit of the holiday, I take this moment to express gratitude for Bosque School and its community. 

Bosque School is unique in many ways, but one thing that sets us apart is how the school was built, has grown, and is sustained. Unlike many independent schools, Bosque School was not founded by the significant generosity of one family, but rather by many individuals coming together with the resources they had to contribute to a vision. That vision would grow into a school that has impacted not only the lives of 1,000+ alumni, their families, and hundreds of staffulty members, but also has rippled out as those individuals use their Bosque School experience to serve greater communities locally, nationally, and globally. Each and every contribution of time, talent, and treasure helps us serve our mission and contribute to a more just world. 

This time of year also coincides with the publication of our annual report. As we pulled together stories and achievements from the previous year and compiled our lists of supporters, I was overwhelmed to see the year’s outstanding achievements all in one place. Despite all of the challenges we faced, our community came together to keep each other safe, healthy, connected, and thriving. I am heartened by the anecdotes from parents, guardians, alumni, and friends about why they are grateful for Bosque School and choose to be members of our community. It is so incredible to celebrate those departing staffulty members whose years of dedication and service have built and shaped our school and impacted hundreds of students. I hope you will enjoy reviewing this publication and take a moment to highlight the good and reflect on our successes. 

On behalf of all of us at Bosque School, we are so grateful for each and every contribution you make to our school. From choosing to send your child to Bosque School, donating your time, sharing your experiences with prospective families, making a gift to the Bosque Fund, and even just stopping by campus for a visit—Challenging Education is made possible by you. 

This time of year can often feel very overwhelming as we race to the finish line of 2021, but I wish you all the opportunity this Thanksgiving to pause, reflect, take notice, acknowledge, and celebrate—perhaps with a slice of pie on the side.