Creating Timelines in 10th-Grade Humanities

Tenth-grade humanities students became historians while working on their most recent project in Dr. Zavitz’ class.

The latest assignment concludes the class’ unit on medieval Africa in which they studied six of Africa’s empires. “Our focus on Africa is part of the course's global approach,” explained Dr. Zavitz. “Africa is often left out of medieval history, when in fact the West African empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay were integral to trade at the time, supplying almost half of the known world's gold.”

Synthesizing research and class materials, students organized the information they learned to create a narrative in the form of a history-filled timeline. The assignment allowed students to dive into one of the African empires they studied in more detail and produce a timeline that includes its history in both images and text. 

“I've learned a lot throughout the process,” said Josiah ‘24. “It’s been a good way to practice MLA, formatting, and writing.” Morgan ‘24 also expressed that the project was meaningful and that writing the timeline narrative themselves helped the class comprehend the order of events.

Dr. Zavitz shared, “I've been impressed at their ability to work independently and, in some cases, create the digital timeline with little instruction from me. They've also composed engaging and informative histories on their empires based on their research.” She concluded, “They have shown really strong writing and research skills—being able to take their research and craft these timelines to tell a story.”

Check out a few finished projects by Morgan, Will, and Lillie!