Coming Soon to the Black Box Theater: ¡Bocón!

The Bosque School Drama department is thrilled to present the Mainstage production of ¡Bocón! The play, written by Lisa Loomer, is the coming of age story of a young boy, Miguel, who loses his voice because of the fear and trauma he experiences as a child trying to survive under a repressive military regime in Central America. Despite the gravity of Miguel’s situation and the heaviness surrounding the themes of immigration and loss, the story is filled with heartwarming and humorous moments, reminding us that courage, hope and friendship exist in even the most challenging times. 
¡Bocón! will take place here at Bosque School in the Black Box Theater November 11-14, and our drama students have been hard at work making sure they are ready for opening night. The production features an ensemble cast of more than 20 on-stage performers, and many students are playing integral roles behind the scenes as well, with Anelé ‘22 acting as student co-director, Imani ‘23 acting as the student set designer, and Luc ‘23 accompanying the cast on his guitar. 
In addition to the performers, our talented technical theater students have also spent many hours working to ensure ¡Bocón! is a success. The students have spent the last few weeks building the set in the Black Box, and technical theater teacher, Shawn Nielson, even brought in a professional scenic painter, Carrie Tafoya-Hess, to work with them on scenic painting. Mr. Neilson said, “I like to bring those who practice their craft professionally in the community to give the students a variety of viewpoints and techniques besides my own.” 
With such a dedicated and enthusiastic group of students and teachers all working together, ¡Bocón! is bound to be one of Mainstage’s most memorable productions yet, and Meghan Bode, drama director, is so excited for everyone at Bosque School to see it. She said, “This is a story that is still all too relevant, and we are honored to have the opportunity to tell it and share it with our community.”
Tickets to Bocón! will be available at starting November 5. 
Note that per industry standards for indoor live performance and COVID-19 guidelines: All audience members will need to either provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within the last 72 hours prior to the performance. Some performers will be unmasked occasionally throughout the show, and all cast and crew have been tested for COVID-19 prior to the performance. 
Synopsis from Dramatic Publishing:
¡Bocón!, a fable filled with humor and mysticism and song, tells the story of 12-year-old Miguel who flees a repressive military regime in Central America for Los Angeles. A natural storyteller and irrepressible "big mouth" or bocón, Miguel loses his voice when his parents are taken and begins a metaphorical journey north to the City of Angels. Along the way he meets up with an unusual traveling companion, La Llorona, the legendary "Weeping Woman" of Mexican and Central American mythology. Through their magical friendship, Miguel finds his voice and the courage to cross the border to a new life. Miguel's story is relevant to immigrant children from all parts of the world … and to any child who is learning the many meanings of finding one's own "voice."