Stable Isotope Workshop

Five Bosque School seniors—Rayne, Dayle, Katia, Anna, and Lauren—recently participated in a University of New Mexico (UNM) Biology Department-sponsored Stable Isotope Workshop.  

During the workshop, students from Bosque School, Eldorado, and Amy Biehl were introduced to stable isotope research and learned how to use stable isotopes to study the ecology of the bosque. Led by Dr. Seth Newsome, the workshop lasted three days with one day taking place at Bosque School and the other two at UNM. Mr. Shaw described the experience as “an essential part of the science and wildlife seminar class.” 

Following the Stable Isotope Workshop, students have an opportunity to continue their own research or help with ongoing research in the lab. Many Bosque School students have even conducted original research and presented it at professional conferences because of the workshop. Most recently, Charlie Stansbery '21 and Cody Hustead '21 used stable isotopes to complete a research project on the black bear diet.

Bosque School alum and former staffulty member, Katie Elder ‘09, helped facilitate the workshop and shared, “It is a really amazing experience where high school students get an opportunity to learn about a really important tool for ecological studies at one of the premier labs in the USA for isotope research.”