The Power of Word of Mouth

Ryan Hannon, Director of Enrollment & Communications
This week marks the start of my third year at Bosque School, and I continue to be inspired by this special place. When I joined the school, no one could have imagined the coming COVID-19 pandemic and that for admissions, it would mean a complete reconception of how we work with prospective families. 

The pandemic was complex for admission folks because we treasure meeting families and students, getting to know them, and sharing a place we all love deeply. Making meaningful connections via Zoom, email, and text was no simple feat. However, I am grateful for our new families who committed to Bosque School by getting to know us through these digital methods. If you see a new family around, please take a moment and introduce yourself—cultivating community is, after all, one of our core values. 

This year, the admission team is back to working with families in person—and it has completely re-energized me. We are hosting campus tours, welcoming visiting students to our classes, and having coffee with prospective parents and guardians to get to know each other. 

I am often asked by those with connections to our school how they can support the admission process. The answer is simple—word of mouth! As prospective parents and guardians are comfortable again visiting schools in person, we need the help of our community this year, more than ever.

One, please share our admission events and Buddy Days with your friends and colleagues considering their options for schooling. We love meeting families, and we love even more connecting with families referred to us.

Two, please leave us a Google review. The power of Google to promote our school cannot be underestimated. Simply put, your review enables us to reach more families. 

Three, consider emailing me to become an Admission Ambassador. The ambassadors connect with prospective families during the admission process to offer their perspective on Bosque School, make connections, and answer questions. Our community is a clear differentiator, and our Admission Ambassadors set us apart. 

Lastly, for current families, please be mindful of the re-enrollment dates and deadlines. Timely completion of the financial aid application and the return of your child’s enrollment agreement allows us to plan better for the coming year. I will be sending a communication early next month with more information, but please save the following dates:

  • Financial Aid Application Deadline: December 13, 2021 (based on prior year taxes and extended from previously published date)
  • Re-Enrollment Opens: January 24, 2022
  • Re-Enrollment is Due: February 7, 2022

Note: if you are applying for admission for a current student’s sibling, please apply by Jan 7, 2022. Current students do not need to re-apply for admission.

Please remember the entire admission team—Kristen, Suzie, and I—are here to support you as you navigate your journey with Bosque School. If we can ever be of assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Please stop by our offices and say hello. Thank you for being an ambassador for Bosque School, sharing your experience, and connecting us to more families like yours. Our work could not be successful without your support and enthusiasm for our incredible school. 

In partnership,