Indigenous Peoples Day & 8th-Grade Retreat

On Monday, October 11, the Bosque School Native American student group and the class of ‘26 celebrated Indigenous Peoples Day with a trip to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.

When the Native American student group planned a trip to the IPCC, it was a unique opportunity to invite the entire 8th-grade class to join them. In addition to welcoming the 8th-graders along on their field trip, several members of the Native American student group stepped up to share the importance of Indigenous Peoples Day with middle schoolers during Morning Meeting and helped prepare the 8th-grade students for the experience. Hawthorn ‘22, who spoke at the Morning Meeting and is a member of the Native American student group said, “Today was a lot of fun! It felt like a historic day at Bosque. Although she wishes there was more awareness of the significance of Indigenous Peoples Day, Hawthorn found it heartwarming to see how the group came together. She said, “I felt filled with pride to speak before the middle school and honored to hear from elders at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.” 
Anne Gegg, 8th-grade dean, also felt it was a wonderful opportunity and a privilege to be able to attend the celebration. The group heard from local community leaders, including many leaders of the pueblos of New Mexico. Then they toured the museum to dive deeper into the history of the Native American population in New Mexico and enjoyed watching traditional dances performed by indigenous youth, many of whom were the same age or younger than the students.
The morning's events were incredibly powerful for the 8th graders because they so closely aligned with their studies in humanities last year, when they discussed themes like, "whose stories are told in history?" and "who are honored as heroes and should we still honor them?" These ideas, along with their research into the Spanish colonization of the Americas and the indigenous people of the United States, aided students in understanding the power and significance of the event.
It was an incredible day, and the 8th-grade class was very grateful to the Native American student group who so thoughtfully planned the trip and invited them to attend. 
The Bosque School Native American student group would like to extend an invitation to all students who have indigenous ethnic identities to attend their meetings. This includes students with Native identities to the south of the border as well as Pacific Islanders, Native Hawaiians, First Nation people, and Alaska Natives. The Native American student group meets every other Monday during lunch. Please contact Dr. Kee Straits for details.

View photos from the day.