Lighting Up the Black Box Theater

There’s an exciting addition in the Black Box Theater: a new lighting console! 

Technical theater students were the first to try out the newest technology with a simple yet colorful, bright, and music-filled project. Their assignment was to pick one minute of a song—any song—and program at least ten lighting cues. The rest was up to the students. This was their chance to have complete freedom to experiment with the console. Students played everything from The Weeknd to Nirvana, covering a myriad of genres, and one student even included an unexpected “Rickroll” of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

“The results were so impressive,” said technical theater director, Shawn Nielson. “The attention to detail of timing to the songs, colors, and movement was amazing.” During the console programming process, Mr. Nielson was blown away watching his students as they helped each other out and answered one another’s questions. He explained, “I was present, but as the days of programming went on they relied on each other more than myself to help.” 

The lighting console was generously gifted by an anonymous donor to the Bosque School Theater Department last spring. Having this new console “means the world” to Mr. Nielson. He explained, “The lighting console that we replaced was original to the Black Box and still used floppy disks as a storage method.” He continued, “Having technology like this in our program allows the students to work with tools that they will find outside our walls in the real world.” This specific console is used in most theaters around Albuquerque and across the country. Once students learn the software, they have the ability to program lighting from the KiMo Theatre to Popejoy Hall and beyond.

Next up, the class is working on scenic painting and building the set for the upcoming production of Bocón—which will be performed in the Black Box in mid-November. Stay tuned for more!