Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

During National Hispanic Heritage Month, our 7th grade Heritage Spanish class recognized the contributions and accomplishments of Hispanic Americans—learning about those who have inspired others to achieve success. 

To start the month, students investigated their roots, diving into their own origins. They researched their families and ancestors—searching for connections through history and heritage sites and exploring various readings, music, and festivals by Hispanic creators. They were even able to experience virtual exhibits, like Mundos del Mestizaje by Frederico Vigil, from the National Hispanic Culture Center. The exhibit highlights Hispanic culture as a framework to recognize and acknowledge the lands and the cultural diversity between people and places. 

The class recreated the prehispanic dish of guacamole that dates back to the Aztecs and later became a quintessential Mexican dish. According to Rafael Martínez de León, Heritage Spanish teacher, the main point of making food is to get together and share life. 

“During the rest of the year, we will continue exploring more traditions and more points of cultural views to embrace that we will share with our Bosque School community,” said Señor Martínez de León. He continued, “As a Mexican, celebrating our Hispanic heritage makes my life rich, full of culture and traditions—altogether, makes me who I am.” He invites our community to continue celebrating new achievements and develop new ways to “vivir nuestras culturas” or “live our cultures” throughout the year.