Bosque Bobcats Compete in Mountain Biking Race

Three of our Bosque Bobcats recently competed in the Albuquerque Dirt Fiesta mountain bike races and had a successful run! 
On September 17, Elijah '23, Aidan '22, and Rowan '26 competed in the 12-hour duo junior category of the Albuquerque Dirt Fiesta mountain bike races held at Oak Flat Trailhead near Edgewood. Brothers, Aidan and Rowan, competed on the same team, and Elijah was on a separate team. The two-person teams finished in 1st and 2nd places. The success didn’t end there—Rowan also ran the 5k junior race and finished first among juniors. 
Aidan shared, “My brother and I placed first, and we were super excited about that, but the other team with Elijah was super good competition, and they could have easily beaten us.” He added, “It was a blast because it was the first time racing with my brother and probably the last time before I go off to college.” 
Rowan echoed a similar sentiment, “I loved the Dirt Fiesta race. It was super fun to go out and ride with all the other people.” That’s his favorite aspect of the sport—getting outside, connecting with friends, and having a good time.
Both Aidan and Rowan have been biking since they can remember but started getting serious about the sport a couple of years ago. Elijah is newer to the sport—he started mountain biking with his dad for a couple of years and began racing in the past month and a half. “I am fairly new to this sport, but so far, I really enjoy just being up there and being part of all of it,” said Elijah.
All three students train and race for the Albuquerque Composite Goatheads mountain bike team. Learn more about the sport of mountain biking and how to get involved at this link.