Hawthorn ‘22 Attends Yale Young Global Scholars Program

After being accepted from a competitive pool of students, Hawthorn ‘22 attended the Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) program this summer! 

YYGS empowers the next generation of leaders by building a global community and designing interdisciplinary programs that foster intellectual curiosity, deepen understanding, and inspire creative action across all borders.

YYGS is an academic enrichment program for outstanding high school students from around the world. There were students from over 150 countries and all 50 states. It is typically a two-week session on Yale University’s historic campus, but the program moved to an online format due to the pandemic. While this had its downside, Hawthorn noted that there was also something unique and remarkable about meeting with her mentor while he was in Zimbabwe. While she wasn’t able to attend the program in person, Hawthorn still made the trip out to Connecticut this summer to visit and explore the Yale campus and enjoyed exploring the university’s many libraries. 

During the program, Hawthorn had the opportunity to explore a wide variety of scientific fields such as physics, molecular biology, chemistry, biochemistry, astronomy, engineering, neuroscience, immunology, psychology, and earth science. She also was exposed to interdisciplinary applications across many scientific fields ranging from the nanoscopic to the astronomical in scale, and Hawthorn was able to interact with accomplished Yale faculty and leading practitioners about the most important and relevant topics in their fields. She shared that a highlight from her experience was meeting and learning from other young scientists and entrepreneurs working in their fields and making a difference in our world. 

Hawthorn’s YYGS session focused on innovations in science and technology. Her team, made up of peers from around the world, developed a website that invited people of color, underrepresented and traditionally marginalized communities, to connect their businesses and network. This website would provide both business, education, and volunteer connections, which are sometimes harder for communities with people of color to access.

Hawthorn felt incredibly humbled and honored to have the opportunity to study with such a prestigious educational institution and is beyond grateful to be a Yale Young Global Scholar. She plans on being a YYGS ambassador in the future.