Latin Club Celebrates Bees With Buzz-Worthy Inquiry

Last week, members of the Bosque School Latin Club were treated to an afternoon of fun facts about the role bees played in ancient and modern culture, lore, history and economics. After enjoying some bee product-based refreshments, members of the club competed to show off their new knowledge with a honey-inspired art contest. The bee products consisted of grapes and grape juice. The materials were fake honey (no wasted food!), glitter and beads. Here are some of the interesting facts they learned during this activity:

  • Zeus, the king of the gods, was called the “bee god” by ancient Greeks because, as an infant, he was raised on honey by sacred bees.
  • Ancient scientists thought bees harvested their young from flowers.
  • Mithridates VI defeated an invading Roman army by tricking them into eating “mad” honey harvested by bees from the rhododendron ferrugineum flower that, when ingested, produces hallucinogenic effects.
Participation in the Latin club is open to anyone with an interest in ancient cultures. If you are interested, please stop by room U1 on Thursday after school to join in the fun and festivities! We’re especially excited to be planning a Latin club game night in October for all interested 8th-12th graders. We will be playing Minecraft on an accurately reconstructed map of Ancient Rome, with cooperative exploration and building contests.