First-Time BEMPers

As many of you know, the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP) is an integral part of a Bosque School education, and that’s why we’re so excited that our 6th-grade students recently participated in their very first BEMP field trip. The students spent the day at the Alameda Open Space area, where they collected BEMP data and participated in field-based exploration, and at the Bachechi Open Space area, where they participated in collaborative activities designed to integrate art, English, PE, and Spanish into time in the bosque. Some of the activities included Spanish bosque bingo, reading under the trees, and creating an art project inspired by scientific observations.

Sixth-grade dean, Pam Sever, feels that one of the primary benefits of the BEMP field trips is the opportunity to use the bosque as an outdoor classroom. She said, “Being in an outdoor environment for collaborative learning allowed the students to access their curriculum in a different and exciting manner.” She went on to say that she hopes the students will “gain an appreciation of the bosque wilderness that is right outside our doors and create a connection between the many subjects that they learn in school.”

Hayley Pedrick, 6th-grade English teacher, was particularly impressed by the 6th graders’ enthusiasm and thoughtful approach to the activities. “It was pretty astonishing how grounded and calm the 6th graders felt and seemed,” she said, “I felt if they were asked to read and sketch independently in a classroom, we would not have had the same sense of calm. It was shady and cool. I saw some kids who worked together as partners for the first time ever during bosque bingo. I had a 6th grader say to me ‘I wish we could do BEMP field trips all the time. This is what it feels like to really be at Bosque School.’” 

The 6th graders are in luck because this field trip was just the first of many BEMP field trips they will go on during their time at Bosque School!