Sami '28 Takes Home Two Champion Titles at County Fair

Congratulations to Samibah ‘28 who won Grand Champion for Chicken Showmanship and Grand Champion for Dog Showmanship in the novice division at the 2021 Bernalillo County Fair in July. Samibah, who has been a member of the Los Ranchos 4-H club for two years, said, “I guess it felt exciting and like I achieved something big, and it was very satisfying because I won even while competing against a lot of kids who had more experience in 4-H.” 

The 4-H showmanship awards are given to 4-H contestants who demonstrate an exceptional level of knowledge about their animals and whose animals have clearly been well-trained and cared for. The breeding of the animal is not important, and the judges are concerned more about the health of an animal and the expertise of the handler. Samibah explained, “In 4-H dog showmanship, you have your dog, and it is about learning about controlling yourself and not getting mad at your dog. You teach your dog the basics like sit, stay, lay down. Then you get to learn more advanced skills, like heel, jump, turn, and some more tricks. For dog showmanship, you have to walk the dog in different patterns... and the judge will look at if you look happy and the dog looks happy, and that you have a loose leash. You get points off if you are pulling the dog or yelling at the dog…I also wanted to learn how showing chickens is...what it feels like, and learn about the different chicken breeds.”

In addition to the showmanship competition, Sami also participated in Bentley's Auction where she sold her winning chickens for a combined $875! She will be putting some of her earnings in savings and using the rest to raise next year's 4-H animals.