Five Bosque Bobcats Contribute to Local Mural Project

Cheyenne ‘26, Mariana ‘26, Lola ‘22, Miel ‘22, and Constance ‘22 were recently chosen as contributors to The Youth Engagement and Action Through Art mural project—a local art installation that was inspired by the desire to promote racial and social justice. 

The 10-panel mural—Peace, Love & Culture—was unveiled on August 4, 2021, at its permanent location, Crossroads Village, which is the new home of Crossroads for Women. The mural was created by a team of 18 youths working in collaboration with seven community health workers and local mural artist (and Bosque School parent) Lonnie Anderson. The youth artists were the primary artists and designers for the mural, and they also participated in two training sessions that delved into topics such as national policy advocacy and how to use their creative work as an impetus for community action.

Mariana and Cheyenne worked together to create Healing—one of the panels in the mural—because they both feel that our communities have experienced a great deal of pain in the past year. Cheyenne said, “This mural is about how plants can heal you. I would like people to have the message that the pandemic has brought a lot of pain and suffering into the world, and we need to take time for ourselves to heal.” 

Constance, Lola, and Miel were inspired by the intensifying climate crisis to create the mural panel Denial Is Not a Policy. They hope their art will urge people to act to protect the environment while there is still time to do so. Miel said, “Being a young person in today’s time means feeling like the pressure to stop climate change is on you. I think we all wanted to represent the drastic situation that it is to push older people to put the pressure on themselves as well.”  

The students who participated in the mural project all hope that when people visit the mural and view their images, they will think about the causes represented by the mural in new and powerful ways and that those same people will be inspired to act to create real and positive change.

Student quotes were taken from The Youth Engagement and Action Through Art’s Facebook page. Please visit their page for more information about the artists and the mural.

A huge thank you to Bosque School parent, Lonnie Anderson, for providing photos.