Class of 2028 6th Grade Takeover

At the beginning of each school year, Bosque School 6th graders traditionally participate in an exciting, adventure-filled retreat, and this year, the class of 2028’s 6th-Grade Takeover retreat was an especially memorable experience. The first day of the two-day event included an activity with our ECC director, Dr. Kee Straits, a private movie showing, a trip to the BioPark, games, dinner, a ceremony, and a sing-a-long. On day two, the 6th graders spent the morning on campus playing games and writing letters to their “senior selves.” After that, they took a trip to Mariposa Park where they competed in team-building activities such as a scavenger hunt and a water balloon relay, and they finished out the day back on campus with ice pops and conversations with their mentors. 

Sixth-grade dean, Pam Sever, explained the purpose of the Takeover was to allow the students to bond and interact in a way that will help foster friendships. She said, “The 6th-Grade Takeover was an opportunity for the students to build community and to establish relationships with students that will last throughout their time at Bosque School. It was such a joy to see these relationships blossom as students explored the ABQ BioPark and aquarium, cheered in the movie, played together, and celebrated their academic intentions together in the 6th-grade ceremony.”

Four Bosque School 8th-graders—Mariana ‘26, Mateo ‘26, Maya ‘26, and Rose ‘26—also participated in the Takeover by acting as leaders for the 6th graders and sharing their unique perspectives as older Bosque School students. Rose said, “It was really special to be a part of the Takeover. Welcoming the new 6th graders into the community just felt so honorable to me.” She hopes that the 6th graders will remember her and say hello when they cross paths in the future.  

You can view pictures from the 6th-Grade Takeover here.