2021–2028 Strategic Plan

Dear Bosque School Community, 

Over this past school year, the Bosque School Board of Trustees has engaged in a strategic planning process intended to chart the school’s future in partnership with school leadership. Using our mission statement as a guidepost, we have reflected upon our strategic priorities—financial strength and stability; manifestation of our equity, community, and culture values; and philanthropic engagement and partnerships—and have established policies that will allow Bosque School to be agile in times of change, while also remaining focused on its long term success.
The financial strength and stability of Bosque School is a critical organizational objective. After an exhaustive process that considered multiple financial models, we have settled upon an approach that continues to support personalized instruction, ensures access for mission-aligned students in need of financial aid, and prioritizes the ability to recruit and retain the highest quality of educators. 
As a manifestation of our equity, community, and culture values, the board has formally endorsed the school’s Equity, Community, and Culture (ECC) Principles and Best Practices (formerly known as our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Principles & Best Practices). The board of trustees is committed to participating in annual professional development experiences related to supporting and advancing equity, community, and culture (ECC) best practices, and we will actively seek prospective committee and board members who also support these principles. We also pledge ongoing engagement with Bosque School community members who lead ECC work to ensure a shared understanding of such values.
In alignment with our newly adopted financial model and affirmation of ECC best practices, the strategic priority of philanthropic engagement and partnerships will first focus on building the Bosque Fund. The freshly reinvigorated Bosque Fund will emphasize the support of financial aid, academic and mission-aligned programming, and opportunities. We will also look to further enrich our campus—using our updated Campus Master Plan as a guide—by raising funds earmarked specifically for capital improvements. Finally, we will endeavor to build Bosque School’s permanent endowment to ensure that the school will be capable of supporting the community that it serves in perpetuity.  
Strategic planning is an iterative process, and the board of trustees is committed to regularly updating the tactics and strategies necessary to ensure our school’s continued success. Thank you for being a part of our vision for Challenging Education by creating transformative learning experiences that empower a diverse community of students to lead lives of intellectual curiosity, personal integrity, and compassionate contribution to a more just world for our community.
Santana Macías Fontana, MD