Now Showing: Macbeth

Bosque School’s drama department faced the challenges of the pandemic with creativity and innovation—and came out the other side with two untraditional and exceptional pieces of art for the musical and Mainstage. Under the guidance of Ms. Bode, drama director, and Mr. Nielsen, technical theater director, our thespians and theater techs dove headfirst into a realm of theater that, as a school, we have never seen.  
We are excited to share one of their creations with our community today: the Mainstage production, Macbeth
While this year’s musical The 25th Putnam County Spelling Bee took place outside in the quad, our Mainstage performance was approached differently given that it typically takes place in the fall. The cast for Macbeth started rehearsing in October without knowing whether a live performance would even be possible. In January, they had a cast discussion to decide how they wanted to move forward. “I was really proud of them for having a really thoughtful discussion about it,” said Ms. Bode. For safety and logistical reasons, the cast ultimately decided to make a film.
They rented film equipment from a local company and began filming the first week of March. For five weeks, they filmed on Saturdays and after school on Wednesdays. Although this completely different way of doing things included many long days and hauling equipment in the wind and rain, Ms. Bode and Mr. Nielsen were not alone in leading the creation of the production. “A few of the seniors were able to really take on leadership roles and production roles,” Ms. Bode said.  
Ben ‘21, who has been Ms. Bode’s student for the past five years, offered to help film and edit. Ms. Bode said she was able to learn a lot from him, and they were able to learn together. She said, “He just really, really did a spectacular job in addition to actually acting in the film, too.” 
Niko ‘21 composed an entirely original score for the film. “I think there's about 30 minutes total of music that we use throughout the movie, and it's beautiful,” expressed Ms. Bode. 
Zach Lang, Bosque Summer director and man of many trades, served as a type of production assistant by ensuring that everything ran smoothly. He helped move equipment from one place to another, organized camera footage and audio recordings, and much more. 
Additionally, Ms. Bode commissioned Al Na’ir Lara’s 7th grade art class to paint some of their set pieces including the shipping container where the cast shot many scenes. “That was really, really great to have more members of the community involved,” said Ms. Bode. 
Lastly, Ms. Bode couldn’t have taken on the project without the help of Nurse Justine. “I don't think we can shout out enough to Nurse Justine because you know, the COVID of it all,” Ms. Bode explained, “and that was a really big challenge because we wanted to have some opportunities for kids to film without their masks. Everybody got tested before we began filming, and anybody who filmed without a mask continued to test weekly. Masks were only ever removed during the shot and then put back on in between the shots.” 
Macbeth premiered on campus last weekend complete with a red carpet experience for our theater techs and actors. The cast and crew were able to celebrate the premiere with family and Bosque School staffulty members. 
“I’m just so proud and grateful,” said Ms. Bode.  
    • Photo by Q. Q. Jade Photography, LLC