Meet Our New Director of Equity, Community, and Culture: Dr. Kee Straits

We wanted to share the exciting news that Dr. Kee Straits will join Bosque School as its new Director of Equity, Community, and Culture. The hiring committee felt Dr. Straits was the best choice for our Bosque School community because of the compassion and perspective she will bring to this critical work. Her advanced studies in both education and psychology will add a layer of depth to the position, and importantly, her deep grounding in Albuquerque and her many connections will help build bridges between our students and the community. 

Dr. Straits is a licensed psychologist who currently serves as the CEO and clinical/community psychologist at Tinkuy Life Community Transformations. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Williams College, a master’s degree in special education with an emphasis in bilingual and multicultural studies from the University of New Mexico, and a doctorate in combined clinical/counseling/school psychology from Utah State University. Dr. Straits is president of the board of directors for the Native Health Initiative in Albuquerque and is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Society for Indian Psychologists, and the Yazzie/Martinez Equity Council for Albuquerque Public Schools. Among her many notable accomplishments are several publications and numerous guest lectures across the country and in London, England. 
Dr. Straits will start working with the Academic Leadership Team beginning July 1.

A few words from Kee Straits:
As the new Director of ECC, what I am most excited about is getting to know all of the students and families who are a part of Bosque School, including the unique histories of your families and the diverse communities which have nurtured your children. I look forward to facilitating a collective journey of self-reflection and growth that challenges our assumptions and biases while strengthening our humanity. Together, we will discover new ways to uplift those struggling most among us and share power so that we may all rise higher as a result. I am thrilled to be a part of Bosque School, a community that values youth voice and leadership, honors our relationships to land and place, and strives to cultivate culturally-rooted, compassionate visionaries who contribute to community thriving.

“My dual background in education and psychology provides me with the unique skill sets needed as both an educator and a facilitator in assisting the Bosque School community’s desired evolution.

“I have a vested interest in co-creating with Bosque staffulty, parents and students a warm, vibrant school community that embraces challenges and celebrates successes on its path towards greater equity, community and culture. I am thrilled to hear that the Bosque School community is actively working to manifest these values. I am honored to offer my services in this joint lifelong learning endeavor.

ECC Hiring Committee Members
Leslie O’Hanlon and Tricia Phaneuf—Director of ECC Hiring Committee co-chairs
Sean Etigson, Arthur Knox, Carmen Martinez-Tittmann, and Cascade Lineback—Esteemed ECC Hiring Committee members