Welcome Back, Class of '07, Alison Trimmer

Our new Upper School Administrative Assistant, Alison Trimmer, is no stranger to Bosque School. In fact, back in the early 2000s, Alison could regularly be found in the tech shop and the Black Box theater working on the next big production. Once a student and now a staffulty member, Alison describes the transition as feeling “weird and completely wonderful.”

“At the end of the day, I get to give something back to the school that invested in me for seven years,” said Alison. “I know what Bosque School, and a Bosque education, can provide for students, and I'm wildly grateful to be able to support that experience.” Alison brings with her a level of institutional memory to her position and while she is familiar with Bosque School, she says that to be surrounded by new places, people, and practices will continue to teach and develop her, both as an employee and as a person.

The Bosque School graduate shared that some of her best memories were spent in the theater in high school. “As the lighting operator for Guys & Dolls in 2005, I watched the show so many times that I can still play some of it back in my mind,” laughed Alison. They wore mini Maglite flashlights on lanyards, and in her senior year, she finally bought her own. “It was pink, and I still have it–attached to a peace sign pendant given to graduating seniors by Michael VeSeart,” she described. In 2007, she worked as the stage manager for the musical South Pacific and received the inaugural Silver Pizza award later that year, given to the theater technician who had put in the most hours in an academic year. 

Outside of the theater at Bosque School, Alison has fond memories of building a giant piece of DNA out of Christmas ornaments in Sheri Mahoney's Advanced Biology class, attending college counseling sessions with Juaquin Moya, learning the life lesson that correlation does not necessarily equal causation from TJ Middleton in statistics class, and running the student store that once existed in the science building—taking inventory, putting in orders, balancing budgets, and selling ramen and Skittles to students. 

Since graduating from Bosque School in 2007, Alison has gained significant educational and work experiences. In 2011, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Spanish from the University of New Mexico and then went on to earn her Master of Education in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs from the University of Southern California in 2015. As a student at UNM, Alison was involved with her sorority, Chi Omega, where she served as Sisterhood Chair, Assistant Recruitment Chair, and Song Chair. As a graduate student, she did her assistantships in career services at Mount Saint Mary’s University and California Institute of the Arts, and in housing and residence life at Willamette University. Since leaving college, Alison has moved to a number of different cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City and worked at a wide range of jobs with companies like SAG-AFTRA, Google, and the International Council of Shopping Centers.

In her spare time, Alison can be found making gifsets and edits, trying to knit a second sock, or watching professional wrestling. Lately, she’s been trying to craft the perfect five-star island in Animal Crossing, and watching new episodes of The Masked Singer and old episodes of Sailor Moon.

We are excited to have Alison on board!