Mock Trial Goes to State

Congratulations to Bosque School’s mock trial teams for their impressive performances at the Gene Franchini High School Mock Trial Competition last month. Bosque School competed against more than 30 New Mexico high school teams in the virtual state finals competition, and Gold Team members—Amber ‘23, Constance ‘22, Evan M. ‘21, Finn ‘21, Hawthorn ‘22, Josie ‘22, Miel ‘22—finished in 5th place! For the first time since the Bosque School mock trial program began, all three teams qualified to compete in the state finals, and in an exciting twist, two Bosque School teams competed against each other in the third and final round of competition. 
Gus ‘21 won the Outstanding Witness award after competing in a school record-breaking 24 rounds of competition over the past four years. “It’s really exciting to me,” said Gus. “I’ve never won one of these awards before. It’s my first time and last time because it’s my last competition before I graduate.” One of his favorite parts of mock trial is the opportunity it provides to flex conversational and debate muscles that don’t always get used in a regular class. He said, “There’s a lot of room for improvisation and letting your imagination run wild, which I really like.”
The mock trial program, a national competition organized by the Center for Civic Values, presents high school mock trial teams from around the country with a fictional case each year. This year, Bosque School’s mock trial teams worked with Judge Neil Candelaria and Bosque School program director, Zach Lang, for almost six months to study the case and prepare for a simulated trial. During competitions, students compete in several rounds and must always be ready to present both sides of the case in front of a scoring panel of real judges and lawyers.