Presenting: Stories Along the Bosque

After a month and a half of preparation, the 7th grade class is excited to share their Stories Along the Bosque projects with the community.

From its inception as a social studies interview and research project, Stories Along the Bosque has blossomed into an annual interdisciplinary humanities experience where 7th grade students explore the different ways of writing and researching stories. Each student has carefully crafted a museum-style plaque and a memoir inspired by an artifact that is meaningful to their family or community.

While many aspects of Stories Along the Bosque remained the same this year, our Covid reality demanded creativity to find new ways of sharing student work with the community. Thanks to the innovative thinking and tireless work of the students, Ms. Gegg, Mr. Etigson, and Mrs. Jenkins, the projects will now be viewable through virtual exhibitions.

ake your virtual gallery walk and immerse yourself in the stories of our 7th grade class.